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Maharashtra mayhem: Is the BJP hitting three birds from one stone?

By IndianMandarins- 17 Nov 2019


The top leadership of the BJP – PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah – is full time politicians unlike the opposition that wakes up from the slumber when crisis crops up. What could be the next move of the opposition, the BJP leadership plans its answer well in advance and in one such scheme Shiv Sena -- the former ally of the BJP is trapped.

They might be able to install their CM in Maharashtra but the party might become a history in the politics of Maharashtra. The public perception in the state is suggesting so. It is known to everyone that public perception has been key to the success of the BJP from long. Right from the very moment when SS started demanding chief minister’s post not only social media was abuzz but started working in subtle way but in later phases they are openly accusing the Shiv Sena for harming the Hindutva ideology. Similarly the Congress will be harmed for aligning with the SS. If the SS and Congress are sorted out things would be easy for the BJP in the state. 

So much so that even Marathies are going against the Shiv Sena that has predominantly a Marathi identity and the community being their core vote bank. An activist working in Navi Mumbai Netra Daoo said that the Shiv Sena is harming the very ideology that was groomed by Bala Saheb Thackrey. Can they tell people of Maharashtra, how would they deal with contradictions of the ideology of Shiv Sena and the Congress.

The BJP leadership is cashing in on very well on the development which apparently seems to be in the spree of marganalising its allies so they follow their dictate. So the SS is stuck in the trap laid by the BJP. “If the Shiv Sena thinks it can revolt and get the people’s sympathy, they really don’t know the public,” said BJP Party President Amit Shah, who understands people’s pulse very well.

The BJP works on the slogan of its incumbent PM that turn adversity into opportunity and his lieutenant Shah is very well executing his plans. If the alliance government of the Congress, the NCP and Shiv Sena is formed, it will collapse out of its own contradictions. This is what the BJP wants as after that the maneuvering of the BJP not only of parties, leaders but people will start.

Daoo said that people especially their voters are so angry with them that the next election is going to very dear for them as they will find it impossible to justify their decision and all such people will fall for the BJP as mid-term election is not ruled out. Even the BJP would not shy away from it. But lot more development is yet to unfold

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