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Lateral entrant JS relieved; said no to extension offer

By IndianMandarins- 19 Sep 2022


New Delhi (16.09.2022): Amber Dubey, the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, was finally relieved on completion of his service i.e. three-year contract on Friday.
Dubey was one of the six joint secretaries who joined the government as lateral entries and could have served for another two years in the cutting-edge post in the Government of India but chose not to avail the optional two-year extension.
Dubey was one of nine domain experts hired by the Modi government in 2019 as ‘lateral entrants’ to the bureaucracy.
Dubey is an IIT-Bombay and IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus and was a senior partner at KPMG before joining the government as JS.
It may be recalled that a total of nine persons with domain knowledge were hired as JS under the scheme touted as the best idea to reform the government. However, of these, Kakoli Ghosh (an IIT, IIM, and Oxford alumnus and professional experience with the UN, KPMG and a financial MNC) who was selected as JS, Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare quit the turf before joining GoI.
Later the first lateral entry wicket fell when Arun Goel (Joint Secretary, Commerce) resigned midway in December 2020 while seven other lateral entrants namely Rajeev Saksena (DEA), Amber Dubey (Civil Aviation), Dinesh Dayanand Jagdale (MNRE), Sujit Kumar Bajpayee (MoEF&CC), Saurabh Mishra (DFS), Suman Prasad Singh (Road Transport and Highways) and Bhushan Kumar (Shipping) continued on the turf.


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