Did Jairam Ramesh hit the Bulls Eye?

By IndianMandarins- 09 Sep 2019


The BJP might have earned applaud from all across sans handful opposition leaders over abrogation of Article 370 & 35A, but current economic slowdown with GDP @ 5 % appears to be the point on which opposition can take on BJP.

Taking a cue, Jairam Ramesh took a lead in social media when he tweeted that “Ever know what NITI in Niti Ayog stands for? It’s clearly Not In Touch With India”.


In a select gathering of retired bureaucrats, his pot-shot at NITI Aayog had become the center of discussion. A former Secretary of a key department observed that when the opposition leaders are clueless over how to make their criticism correct, sharp and acceptable to the masses, Ramesh’s Tweet seems to have hit bulls eye as it was well received in social media. Another retired civil servant observed that most of the opposition leaders have lost their credibility whereas a few still remain acceptable and authentic in public. So it was his clean image and not sharpness of his Tweet that made it effective.

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