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Forced retirement: Govt may axe hundreds of officers

By IndianMandarins- 09 Sep 2019


Indianmandarins has reliably learnt that as many as 279 CSS cadre officers posted in various ministries/departments may be forcibly retired under rule 48 of CCS --Pension Rules and FR 56(J). Those who would finally be found inefficient, power-abusive and corrupt in performance audit and later examined by the review committee, headed by Cabinet Secretary may be ousted from the service. If some well placed sources are to be believed, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, in terms of number, may have the maximum number of casualties followed by the ministries of Defence, Home and Finance.


It may be underlined that NaMo administration had recently shown doors to 49 officers which included 12 IRS officers from CBDT, 15 IRS officers from CBIC and 22 Supritendent/AO level officers under CBIC. As on date more than 60 officers from various services have been given forced retirement. The above mentioned rules equip the Govt to compulsorily retire government officials in the public interest.

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