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Time for Congress to put its acts together as it is running out of time!

By IndianMandarins- 07 Jul 2019


New Delhi: Over stretching drama in the Congress over the leadership issue may cost the party not only the Karnataka government but also further damage its chances in Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, Jharkhand and later in West Bengal. Over a month has passed but the Congress leaders have failed to reach any amicable solution to the issue of leadership to take on the BJP.


Crisis in Karnataka is a big setback for the party as it is present there with its fundamental strength but it appears to be orphaned in the state and local leaderships are calling shorts with limited prudence. On the other hand disgruntled leaders are not ready to listen to people who are at par with them in many ways.


In Maharashtra, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has come out in open to say that unsettled leadership issue is hampering talks on alliance and just three months are left for them. The Congress that ruled Haryana just before the BJP government in the state came to power seems to be alien to the state and there is no activity of the party because they are not only seeking guidance but go ahead on several issues. Jharkhand too where the party has the scope to occupy some opposition space did not move even a bit.


Delhi still has some better chances and its vote share was showing an upward trend but recent development in the party has once again left the party in doldrums. Not only the party workers but voters too need some confidence in the party that they want to vote for to challenge opponents but this is completely missing from the Congress.


Political analysts say that any institution is bigger than individual and if the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has made up his mind then the party leadership must put their acts together to built up the party one state by another state instead of trying to please the outgoing chief of the party who obviously is not liking all these things.


It is vision that will matter for the Congress that is in tatters. So the Congress must put its acts together for the betterment of the Congress that has a long history of ups and downs but it has never been out at any point in time. The party leadership must also contemplate that elections can be won or lost in six months but reviving something needs little more efforts and time so the Congress needs to work accordingly.

(By Vinod Kumar Shukla)

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