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Rahul's Napoleon III moment

By IndianMandarins- 13 Jun 2019


Even though Congress President Rahul Gandhi's moment of Napoleon III has arrived, he is unwilling to go in exile like the French ruler who presided over the destruction of the Bonaparte dynasty. And like the French ruler who once famously said that he represented a cause and a defeat - the cause was that of the empire and the defeat was the loss of the sovereignty of the people, Rahul in this  moment of  extreme disaster is harping on saving India from the so-called communal poison sowed by the BJP and an authoritarian state allegedly being ushered in by PM Narendra Modi.


The problem with his acolytes and admirers is that they believe in their own propaganda. And the efficacy of their propaganda on the so-called Khan Market Gang as the sure sign of their success in 'dismantling' the image of the PM as a person dedicated to the cause of the people and the nation.


Long before Rahul hit the dirt tracks of national poll campaign in 2019, sometime in 2018 around the time of some of the state elections, his media fans ran and played up a video in which he was seen practicing Aikido - a type of Japanese martial art. The video showed how he played himself up against a stronger opponent and trounced him without causing any injury to the opponent in line with Aikido's basic principle of not harming the opponent as he, too, being part of 'harmonious spirit.'


In real combat of politics, he, though, didn't live up to Aikido's philosophy of 'harmonious spirit.' Indeed, he did exactly the opposite by calling the PM names. Carried away by his visceral hatred for NaMo, he distorted even the Supreme Court's observation on Rafale for which he had to apologize to the court.


And the convincing electoral defeat seems to have rubbed more salt to his wounded vanity about being the only champion of secularism, farmers' rights, etc. The wound seems to have been so deep that he keeps repeating all the trashed charges against the PM as if he were in delirium.


Therefore, before he sets out on political restructuring of the Congress Party, he better understand and grasp the true philosophy of Aikido: to live a harmonious life. Which means, he better not get into avoidable conflicts with the BJP on the issues he creates and then tries to market them as the issues of the people. He had better start off respecting the survival instinct of the people, instead of relying on the advice of armchair theoreticians sitting in distant universities and of course, completely rid himself of the charm of his inner circles. In fact, he should truly become an Aikido monk if he wishes a place in India's public life and wishes to avoid a Napoleon III like catastrophe and consequent exile.

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