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With Assembly elections in mind, BJP booth workers to get bouquet and brickbats

By IndianMandarins- 12 Jun 2019


Two-day long meeting of BJP will take place on June 13 and June 14 in which besides organizational elections, name of the new caretaker president and appointment of some state presidents BJP’s performance on booth will also be discussed. Some of the party workers who have done commendable work will be facilitated as well.

Actually BJP has even decided to evaluate performance of such booths where it polled 40 per cent or fewer votes. It is also seeking suggestions that how this number could be augmented to above 50 per cent on these booths. Booth management has been key to the planning and success of the BJP ever since Amit Shah took over as party president, who is now Union Home minister.

But it is not that only praise is in the offing in the meet as last night general secretaries of the party too had a long discussion with the party president. Actually, the BJP is ready with bouquet and brickbats for its booth workers. Sources in the BJP said that booth managers have started getting instructions by the party in this regard. Apparently the BJP wants to asses them before several important Assembly elections that are likely to be held in one or two years’ time or may go on even further.

Maharashtra, Haryana, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh are some important states where the party want to remain focused and want to chalk out its strategy well in advance. Sources said that the target of the party for 2019 was to get least 50 per cent votes polled in every booth where the BJP was in contest so if they are able to know the reason that why it failed on certain booth they will look for its solution. So they will try to increase this figure in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Sources further said that there are certain booths in every state where party has performed very well with voting percentage as high as 80 to 90 per cent. So such booth in-charge and their leaders will be facilitated however the benchmark is fifty plus and forty minus. The party has plans to facilitate such booth workers by the people’s representative (MPs and MLAs) of the party where the party managed to get 50 per cent or more votes.

They have already started this exercise and have instructed the concerned workers to complete as soon as they can. The party might change the booth committee where party polled 40 per cent of less than 40 per cent votes. There are around 10.35 lakh booths across the country.

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