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PM’s Social media plans: Something bigger than what is thought about?

By IndianMandarins- 04 Mar 2020


Elements of surprise, unpredictability and out of box initiative have been the hallmark of the Modi dispensation so has been the recent case when PM Narendra Modi tweeted leaving all social media platforms. However every such surprise has never been without any purpose and well thought out decision.

Several theories are doing round over PM’s surprising tweet. A couple of such speculation is that PM wants to tell social media platforms that the Indian government can keep them aside if they continue supporting selective outrage against it as this will have a definite impact on these social media platforms with PM having following of over 4.5 crore on just twitter.

Another speculation is that the government may come out with its own such platforms with more and more Indianess into it. The way China is using its own social media platform, India too can do it with 130 billion population to safeguard its true democratic values, sovereign character, culture and secular credentials. The government is for sure very serious about false propaganda unleashed against it. It has reports about posts talking good about the government being dumped and factually incorrect propaganda against it being pushed.

However, all these are speculations except the fact that the government has started sending rejoinders to foreign media as yesterday, ministry of information and broadcasting sent such a rejoinder to a foreign media house. This will go on till they start following the norms and journalistic ethics. Sources said that modus operandi of international media is that they come with a prepared story and just look for a quote that suits their agenda. The government wants to expose such plans.

But the real reason of the PM going out of social media will come from him only but for that everyone will have to wait but everyone is free to keep guessing also. 

(By Rakesh Ranjan and Vinod Shukla)

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