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Modi, the great leveler: Some old tactics don’t work in NaMo regime

By IndianMandarins- 16 Sep 2019


Just keep matching dots ever since NaMo administration took over the command over the system and you would find a pattern. Modi has been a great leveler.


For Modi dispensation, everyone is made to realise that they are equal be it a commoner or a cabinet minister. No one can force any decision whatsoever their past had been as important decisions will have to be approved by the PMO and there is no guarantee that senior minister’s wish is always honored.


In the cases of appointment of bureaucrats, a senior union minister was denied officers of his choice during NaMo 1.0 but a minister close to Nagpur establishment was also very politely communicated recently that he would have to work with the same officers he was wanting to be removed despite the minister going to the extent of threatening.

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