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Chaturvedi suggests PMO to create a corpus for harassed upright officers

By IndianMandarins- 16 Sep 2019


Indian Forest Service officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi has written a letter to the PMO after donating his compensation money of Rs 25,000 for the harassment he was meted out with that a fund should be created to help out such honest officers who have been subject to vindictive action.

The PMO has appreciated the gesture of donating money by Chaturvedi who filed a case before CAT on the adverse entry made in his appraisal report of 2015-16 by AIIMS, New Delhi where he worked as chief vigilance officer. He was also paid Rs 10,000 as compensation by the B S Hooda government in 2011 again for harassment.

While putting across his view on creating a corpus for honest civil servants, He quoted Sardar Patel’s deliberation in Constituent Assembly where he had said, “You will not have a united India, if you don’t have a good All India Service which has the independence to speak out its mind.” 

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