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Maharashtra Crisis: Why BJP central leadership is quiet and indifferent?

By IndianMandarins- 13 Nov 2019


Any guesses why the central leadership of the BJP is quiet and indifferent towards the political development in Maharashtra? If some political insiders are to be believed Devendra Fadnavis has apparently disturbed the game plan of the BJP in the state. Had he followed the advice of central leadership without suggesting his ideas, things would have been quite different.

Reportedly, the central leadership is unhappy with former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis for his greed that allowed more and more concessions to the Shiv Sena. Sources said that party president Amit Shah had clearly advised Fadnavis not to give more than 110 seats to the Shiv Sena (SS) in the Assembly but he managed to convince party leadership for 125 seats to SS with a promise of sweeping Maharashtra elections.

In the 2014 elections ties between the BJP-SS were snapped for similar reasons and his time round the BJP was rather better off in the state but Fadnavis did not want to take a chance for becoming CM for second time. The sources in the BJP said that the party wanted to get rid of SS for once and all and this seems to have been done with these unpleasant development. They wanted to expose them on many counts.

The BJP leadership does not only want to teach a lesson to Shiv Sena but also Fadnavis whose personal ambition has put the party in such a predicament and analysts feel that the number that the BJP managed to get in Assembly elections with alliance could have been better, had the party contested elections alone. 

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