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Lutyens' Delhi: Bureaucracy abuzz with a colleague's importance

By IndianMandarins- 03 Feb 2020


It passed off unnoticed in Lutyens' Delhi. But more than a week after, its importance is dawning upon senior officials.

Despite who’s who of power corridor in Delhi attending a private function of a joint secretary-level officer that had failed to catch eyeballs of many in Lutyens but people in the power corridors are still whispering about the affair cautiously even a week has gone by.

'Mundan Sanskar' of the daughter of a Joint Secretary level IAS officer working in the Commerce Ministry has become a matter of discussion for many senior officials these days. What they appear to be astonished about is that there are over four hundred Joint Secretary level officers across all ministries and departments in the Govt of India but this seems to be something very unheard of that the top echelons of the country did not miss to attend the invitation.

So much so that the event was attended by President of India, Prime Minister of the country, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Commerce/Industry minister, Health/IT Minister, Chief of Defence Staff General Vipin Rawat, chief ministers of several states and dozens of former Union ministers (UPA)  and Union secretaries too attending the function but it went unnoticed in Lutyens' Delhi which keeps track of the fact even how many times PM clapped during the budget presentation.

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