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Is Operation Lotus a ceaseless political exercise for BJP?

By IndianMandarins- 13 Jul 2019


New Delhi: Apparently Operation Lotus seems to have become a continuous process across the country, it is not a need-based phenomenon like in Karnataka where not only the Congress but also Janata Dal (Secular) MLAs have resigned from their respective parties but also in Goa and many other undisclosed places. They will come to surface only once the task is accomplished.


The BJP is not only focusing on the area where it does not have any presence but also in areas where it further needs strengthening of the party. Sources informed that the BJP is working among OBC leadership in Tamil Nadu, the community which is sizable in number and some big leaders may join the BJP in the state. In Goa, the Congress is left with five MLAs which was the single largest party when elections had happened.


The BJP is very active in Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal but gradually it is reaching out to such leaders who are not given their due. Political analysts say that indecisiveness or laid back attitude of the Congress and many other political parties is also playing a big role in disenchantment of these leaders. The entire northeast has become NDA-ruled state with the same tactics of winning over people either in the BJP or in NDA.


So not much is left in the northern part of the country but Bihar and Jharkhand too is under the scanner of the BJP with lots of regional forces strongly present in many other states. Some coup might happen in these areas. The BJP leadership is of the view that it does not want to ride piggyback on any political party in Tamil Nadu and even in AP so they are trying to build something its own.


Though the party feels that despite the BJP failing to win any seat in Kerala, there is a ripple  for the party in the state as in West Bengal, Odisha and Telengana but in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu the BJP is still an outsider and not accepted. To be precise, these are the two states where Modi factor did not work rather they voted against Modi. So the party is working hard in these states. Infighting in Tamil Nadu BJP is another factor that is the roadblock in the expansion of the party in the state. But the party feels that nothing could be as difficult as West Bengal and if the party manages to win seats in Bengal, Andhra and Tamil Nadu too will come their way with little more efforts. So be ready for some more surprises where your imaginations would not have reached with BJP winning over some regional satraps.

(Vinod Kumar Shukla)

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