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IFFCO leads Break CORONA Chain campaign at ground zero

By IndianMandarins- 15 Apr 2020


IFFCO, the leading cooperative society of the world, is making every effort on its part to contain the spread of COVID-19 at ground zero by organizing ‘Break the CORONA Chain Social Awareness Campaign’ in different states across the country.

It has organized over 60 camps on social awareness campaigns so far and is continuously organizing on a daily basis highlighting preventive and precautionary measures. Given the critical importance of the Industry, all IFFCO plants remain fully operational even during the pandemic.

Some of the important aspects undertaken under this campaign included: 1) social distancing; 2) proper sanitization; 3) maintaining a healthy diet and 4) prevention through-covering of face by masks / ‘Gamchha’. IFFCO employees are educating stakeholders about ways of prevention and containment of Coronavirus at more than 100 touchpoints and sale points.

Over 3.5 Lakh Vitamin-C tablets, 50,000 medicated soaps, 20,000 masks, 5,000 sanitizers and numerous medical kits have been distributed at different locations all across India. Apart from this, medical equipment for hospital staff and health workers were provided in the places facing a shortage of equipment. IFFCO is using its extensive marketing network to deliver critical goods in areas otherwise hard to access.

Fertilizer sector is identified as a critical sector so thousands of laborers and employees are working tirelessly even during the pandemic to ensure farmers of the country don’t face a shortage of plant nutrients. Yogendra Kumar, Director - Marketing, IFFCO is leading the charge of the campaign in different states.

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