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Lockdown extended further, govt weighing ways to restart economic activities

By IndianMandarins- 14 Apr 2020


The 21-long-day lockdown has further been extended for 19 more days by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with all praise for people for following restrictions imposed by the government to make the lockdown a success. A review meeting is scheduled for April 20 to make some amendments if needed and detail of the new announcement will be announced on April 15.

The PM said in his speech, “In my discussions with state governments and many other stakeholders, one thing was unanimous that we should extend the lockdown. So, I announce that the lockdown will be extended till May 3.”

Requesting people to be alert in preventing the spread of the pandemic, the PM said, “We will impose more stringent measures in the next week. Till April 20, we will evaluate how different states are dealing with the pandemic. States which will not let hotspots increase, they could be allowed to let some important activities resume, but with certain conditions.”

The PM was not only concerned about poor people but also reviving economic activities. The past week witnessed back to back meeting taking place to work out some mechanism for ‘Jan and Jahan’. “The fight is moving ahead with strength. I know the hardships you faced, you are fulfilling your duties and I respectfully bow to the people of India for their sacrifice. People have saved the country while facing difficulties.”

The detailed guidelines on how to extend the lockdown would be issued by the government on April 15 and the PM emphasized the need for the lockdown and said that it would go a long way in fighting coronavirus. But the government is also desperately trying to strike a balance between lockdown and restarting economic activity as the PM is discussing every minor detail to implement the government plan.

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