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Crouching tigress’ hidden agenda: Didi meets PM

By IndianMandarins- 19 Sep 2019


Creating narrative and ground reality are two equally important things and ‘Didi’ appears to understood it very well. At least meeting of the WB CM Mamta Banerjee with the PM Modi and agreeing to meet Amit Shah suggests so.

Mamata might have been able to address a section of her voters in West Bengal but constantly being at the loggerhead with the Centre did not produce any good to her.

In fact, Didi’s one of the dearest projects lying with the home ministry has been changing name of West Bengal to Bangla. On the other hand It is believed that the moment name change takes place memory of partition of Bengals fades away which Sangh Pariwar doesn’t endorse. This has apparently been the reason that Mamata needs to meet Shah which she might have agreed reluctantly.

But the issue on which Didi failed to get approval from a leader like Rajnath Singh, getting approval of Amit Shah will be an onerous task. Let’s see how long this bonhomie continues as Shah does not give any concession to opposition.

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