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Chidambaram Vs Kejriwal in Goa

By IndianMandarins- 17 Jan 2022


New Delhi (17.01.2022): Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has targeted the AAP leader Arwind Kejriwal and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee for dividing the non- BJP vote in Goa. Chidambaram said that Congress is directly pitched against the BJP in Goa polls. “The choice for Goa voters is stark and clear. Those who want the regime to continue will vote for the BJP. Those who want a regime change will vote for Congress. AAP and TMC will only fracture the non-BJP vote, claimed the Congress leader. Prior to this, Arwind Kejriwal had announced that he was ready to become a part of a coalition government if the state gets a fractured mandate. But Chidambaram at this stage has targeted the AAP and TMC for playing spoilsport as Congress is the obvious choice for the voters seeking change of regime. Thus he indicated AAP as a political non-entity in Goa assembly polls.

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