Twists in selection of ONGC CMD

The PESB on June 19 selected Shashi Shanker (Director, ONGC) as its CMD. This was in line with the expectation in view of the company’s plans for acquisitions, mergers, and futuristic expansion.
However, the timing of the selection result drew a lot of attention. Usually, the PESB announces its decision by 5.30 or 6.00 pm after a day-long exercise even if it interviewed 12-15 candidates. But yesterday was quite unusual. The PESB carried on its exercise till 7.15 pm interviewing 09 candidates and finally declared the result.
If some well placed sources are to be believed the selection board initially arrived at a conclusion that was similar to the result of Coal India CMD interviews. Reportedly, the establishment found it a worrisome situation as it felt that it would send out a message that would be open to willful interpretations – like the results of Coal India CMD interviews.
With a  bit of prompting from the top, the board started a reverse process so that it could come out of the board with a concrete result. This was the very reason that the entire process is said to have become too long and tedious and took time till 7.15 pm for the announcement of result.