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Yogi’s Op Enduring Peace pivoted on admin stability and political impartiality

By IndianMandarins- 06 Mar 2021


New Delhi (06.03.2021): UP CM Yogi Adityanath is credited with imparting policy and administrative stability to Uttar Pradesh. No longer, according to senior officers, policies are framed on discretionary powers. Nor are IAS and IPS officers, let alone state civil services officers, are disturbed and dislocated every two-three months at the fancy of the CM or his cohorts and the gangs of MLAs and MLCs.

Officials have informed Indianmandarins that the sanctity of tenure is now maintained as the CM is focused on getting the best out of every officer and he has often been acknowledging that this can't be achieved if an officer is disturbed in his regular tenure. So, in practice, UP is standing firm on one of the basic tenets of good governance that involves empowering an officer to do what he is best at without disturbing him/her.

 And this is casting its soothing influence also over the law and order situation. It is pointed out that even in the best of times, it's not an easy job to govern a vast and populous state like UP. And now, when the self-proclaimed secular parties have been indulging in overt and covert games of polarizing people on the basis of caste, creed, and community, the administration has been carefully working on Op Enduring Peace by its universal policy of impartiality, despite the recurrence of one heinous incident here and one there from time to time.

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