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A case of exclusion triggers wild rumors

By IndianMandarins- 06 Mar 2021

a-case-of-exclusion-triggers-wild-rumorsNew Delhi (06.03.2021): Power corridors are puzzled over the exclusion of the name of the brother of a senior IAS officer from the list of five senior advocates that the Supreme Court Collegium recommended on Friday for elevation as Judges in different High Courts including Punjab & Haryana HC.
The missing name has triggered a number of stories about the officer who is known for his problem-solving abilities, efficient network, resource management, and media suavity in a prominent Hindi-speaking state.
It is guessed that the strength of the brother in top civil service might have worked as the weak point of the advocate brother. Because in politics, administration, and judiciary, the leadership at the top can't be seen indulging in favoritism, even though they usually have their own favorites.
So the guess goes on about who pulled the plug: Was it the government, or was it the judiciary, or was it just bad luck?


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