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Utility Vs futility: Pending postings of 1986 & 1990 batch IAS say a lot

By IndianMandarins- 09 Apr 2019


IAS officers empanelled to hold Secretary and Additional Secretary-level posts in the Govt of can't but feel disappointed because even eight months after their empanelment in July 2018, they are still waiting for their posting and elevation (in-situ) for pay-scale.


Initially, it was thought that the empanelment of 1984 and 1985 batch of IAS as Secretaries and of 1987 and 1988 batch of IAS officers as Additional Secretaries might streamline the administration by way of filling the critical gaps in the hierarchy, but the whole scheme has turned out to be a non-starter. In reality, a lot of complexities has arisen to streamline the postings of the batches involved. Probably this was the reason the 1986 batch of IAS was empanelled for Secretary-level posting alone; signalling the same approach towards the empanelment (alone) of 1991 batch.   


Further, except Rajni Sekhri Sibal (IAS:1986:HY), the entire batch of 1986 is still awaiting its turn for posting but there are no vacancies at Secretary-level posts in the GoI. Contrary to the convention, 1986 batch officers were not even accommodated as Special Secretaries (in-situ) in rank and pay-scale. Similarly, the 1990 batch of IAS officers has not got either the AS-level posting or the pay-scale.


Having experienced the futility of empanelment of two batches together, it is believed that even if the NaMo administration is voted to power again, it may avoid trying this method again. Probably, the decision-makers overlooked the hard fact that the administrative framework, whether at the Centre or the state, is configured to offer only a limited number of posts and the empanelment of two batches together falls out of sync and creates an increasingly complex situation to justify the posting and in-situ promotion at both levels.


Like the 1986 batch, the empanelment process of 1987 batch has kickstarted alone as the government is said to be keen on not repeating the earlier mistakes. Similarly, 1991 batch IAS officers may be empanelled alone, even though the 1989 and 1990 batches were empanelled together without yielding any benefits.

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