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Reward time: Modi-Shah may reward Ladakh MP Namgyal

By IndianMandarins- 12 Jun 2020


Cabinet reshuffle is on the cards anytime soon but it is delayed because of the prevailing COVID-19 situation but the most interesting aspect of this is that in this reshuffle Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal may find a place as a state minister which will be a very important move by the government.

The government appears to be giving representation from Ladakh which was neglected from ages with the only focus on the Valley by the successive governments. People say Namgyal’s induction will serve many purpose. Ladakh will get representation; a vocal and articulate young leader will be given his due; it will help to develop the neglected region for years; the dominance of Valley will be over; and the BJP will reach out to remote areas by giving representation to the region. Some say this will also be staring at China with whom India is in a stand-off in the region.

There are many other names that will be included and dropped but Namgyal’s induction will definitely be not only interesting but important for the government. The young leader had win hearts of leaders of the party during 370 debate in Parliament especially Union home minister Amit Shah.

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