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Quick Take: The Political 'taka' called Priyanka

By IndianMandarins- 23 Jan 2019


The curtains are down finally. The backroom worker of the Congress is out in the open with a clear-cut agenda. After Modi's 'master stroke' of 10 per cent reservations in govt jobs to economically weaker section (EWS) it had become imperative for RaGa to come out with an ante-dote to counter the agenda. Priyanka's entry into active electoral politics is being seen in the very backdrop.

So, what is the Priyanka agenda? 


As a Cong Gen Secy incharge of East UP, she seeks to pose a direct challenge to BJP stalwarts Modi & Yogi. Let's not forget Modi's lok sabha seat Varanasi is the heart of East UP while Yogi's Gorakhpur too will be Priyanka's 'karmshetra'. She has to corner them both. This explains why Rahul Gandhi has UP in-chargeship divided into two halves. Priyanka obviously has the task cut out for her which this time takes her beyond Amethi & Raebareli in East UP.


Priyanka is the 'last action hero' that the Congress has - the proverbial 'Bramhastra'. No doubt Cong is upbeat after the recent poll verdicts but the party well knows the Lok Sabha polls will be a different ballgame altogether. The Modi magic has to be reduced to a myth and this requires the party to marshall its best resource. Priyanka as a political head turner is best suited for this trying political occasion. Calculations are that the curiosity factor around her persona is sure to be a vote catcher in several parts of the country outside UP


This announcement also signals that she is finally out of the shadows of the alleged deeds/misdeeds of her husband. That no action against Robert Vadra could be taken in the last almost 5 years gives her the leverage to play political victimhood.


As the fifth lady of the Nehru-Gandhi family to join politics - Priyanka adds ammunition to Cong preparation in a very special way. As the party goes into the first general elections under the new Cong President - she might well serve as a rallying point for those who have drifted from the Cong only due to their lack of belief in Rahul Gandhi's leadership.

(By Nitu Tewari)

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