Jack has to decide: To remain in business in India or not

By IndianMandarins- 16 Jun 2021


New Delhi (16.06.2021): Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who lives the life of a Hindu monk by eating just one meal a day but has been lending himself to exploitation by India's social ruffians in the obvious expectation of expanding his business, finds himself caught in a legal and political quagmire.

After labeling certain tweets of ruling party activists as 'manipulated media' and showing total indifference to messages obviously aimed at lighting up India's dangerous communal tinderbox, Dorsey's multi-billion dollars platform has landed itself on the wrong side of law and is said to have lost its ‘safe harbor’ immunity over its failure to appoint statutory officers to ensure compliance with India's new IT rules.

Is Jack naive? In November 2018, he allowed himself to be surrounded by half-baked, half-educated, and half-experienced social and media butterflies, who placed in his hand a communal and casteist placard that read "Smash Brahminical patriarchy."And lo and behold, he became the darling of what is known as 'BIF' (Breaking India Forces).

Since then, Twitter has been exploited for highlighting isolated events in the hope of triggering social and political unrest.

Not to let the situation deteriorate further, in February 2021, the government introduced guidelines for regulating the contents of SM and OTT platforms.

But recent events have shown Twitter has been unable or unwilling or both to follow the rules of the land.

Now, Jack has to show whether he cares for his dollar or for the fake propaganda of India's rabid and soldout (To China's Third Front Works Department) communalists disguising themselves as secularists.

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