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Indian Journalist shuts-up Pak Foreign Minister in Pakistan !

By IndianMandarins- 10 Nov 2019


When it comes to defending your country in adverse circumstances all you need is undying love for your motherland. This is the example that has been set by an Indian journalist who took on Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi right inside Pakistan when Qureshi started speaking ill about India in a Pakistan Government function. After the journalist informed about the incident on Twitter (CLICK to read), the tweet has gone viral with thousands of people liking and writing about the tweet while lakhs  have viewed it so far.

Indian Mandarins caught up with the journalist Sanjeev Trivedi as he entered into India on Sunday via Wagha Border through which he had gone to Lahore to cover the Kartarpur function. Sanjeev is placed as an Associate Editor with News 24 Tv and was a member of the media team visiting Pakistan to cover the opening of Kartarpur Corridor.

It was last Friday evening recalls Sanjeev, when the Indian media contingent was taken to the residence of the Governor of Pakistan Punjab for an interaction. It was an imposing British era building protected by the Pak Army. The Governor was trying to explain how more Indian religious places will be opened-up in Pakistan after Kartarpur Corridor.

Things were fine until Pak Foreign Minister Qureshi suddenly dropped in unannounced. As he began to address the Indian media, Qureshi began to harp on the Kashmir Agenda of the Pak Govt. despite it being a function arranged on the occasion of the opening of Kartarpur Corridor. The situation became tense as Qureshi went on and on calling Kashmir as 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' and abrogation of Art 370 as 'annexation of J&K'  by Modi Govt. The Indian journalists were shell shocked as this was happening in the Governor's House in Lahore and not a neutral venue. Also this wasn't a press conference. It was then, Sanjeev says that he decided to intervene and cut short Qureshi's argument - which as the video posted on the Tweeter shows Qureshi leaving the spot in a huff.

When asked if he thought twice before taking on Qureshi as he was in Lahore i.e right inside Pakistan and that meant being well under the reach of the ISI and the Pak Army - he said he did not think of anything accept instantly cutting the slur that Qureshi was attributing to India. 

Pakistan is not a normal state and journalist's rights aren't as protected there as in India but Sanjeev says that the risk of rebutting the Anti-India Pak agenda from inside Pakistan territory, had to be taken.

Indian Mandarins congratulates Sanjeev Trivedi. Fighting for the honour of the country does not always require Guns and Planes. Duty and love towards your country is equally effective as weapons.

(By Rakesh Ranjan)

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