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SC writes history with Ayodhya verdict but NaMo Govt incredible too!

By IndianMandarins- 10 Nov 2019


With the pronouncement of judgment on title suit on Ramjanmabhoomi and Babri mosque, a long standing dispute between Hindu and Muslims seems to be over with all credit goes to the judiciary but no less acclaim could be given to the NaMo administration as the matter has been resolved during the time Narendra Modi at the helm.

What is more interesting is that the country responded very well to the decision except a few aberrations. Unlike phrase used by wordsmiths in such a situation that ‘eerie silence prevails’, now people are of the view that the Supreme Court has decided the matter in most judicious manner and most importantly unanimously. So let’s bury the hatchet and move on.

Despite the provocation made by the opposition that Ram Temple will be made an election issue by the BJP to polarize Hindu votes in view of Sangh Pariwar demanding day-to-day hearing in the court and VHP putting pressure on the government to bring a legislation in Parliament in this regard. They were also planning to start a movement similar to their movement in 1990s. But suddenly the VHP went into shells and postponed the matter for post election scenario but for obvious reasons.

The PM was very categorical when he had made it clear in election rallies that the matter is in the court and let the court take a call on it. He was so cautious about his constitutional obligation that despite visiting Faizabad for an election rally around 30 kilometres away from Ayodhya, he avoided temptation of paying his obeisance to Ram Lalla.

The day of decision on one of the most vexed issue of the modern times passed normally and the morning is even better with history being made not only in Ayodhya but also at Kartarpur. The Ayodhya issue that has an around 500-year old history soaked with blood of innocent people and if this was none of our business kind of attitude of British that made the matter remain indecisive. A particular blend of politics kept it alive post-independent and later on the issue turning into vote-bank politics without any exception in terms of beneficiaries.

But for the apt handling of the issue by the present dispensation has not only saved many innocent lives but country as such has come to the term to put a lid on political Djin of Ayodhya. The government has done a Jammu and Kashmir in Uttar Pradesh with taking all possible measures supported by intelligence inputs. But this was not enough, the Sangh Pariwar has entrusted senior functionaries like Krishna Gopal and Ram Lal to establish dialogue with Muslim community and Hindus to accept the judgment whatever it could be.

Jamiat Ulama e Hind chief Maulana Arshad Madani meeting RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and Mehmood Madani meeting Krishna Gopal was something unimaginable. Two important seats of Nizamuddin Aulia and Ajmer Sharief appealing to accept the SC judgment the way it is has worked among the Muslim community.

Besides the judiciary and the Modi government, the department of justice will also be remembered whenever this issue is talked about. They were not just bystanders but played their bit in the making of the history and witnessing it with sense of achievement but silently. But they will enjoy the glory looking at it hindsight for sure.

(By Rakesh Ranjan & Vinod Kumar Shukla)

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