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Gadkari’s business sense !

By IndianMandarins- 19 Oct 2019


To say that Nitin Jairam Gadkari is among a few politicians in India who has a great business sense too won’t be wrong. But many a times he is criticised for splurging money on certain projects but later on he is applauded for his vision. Multi-level mechanised parking bay appears to have been one among them.

In the last few months Gadkari’s ministry is suddenly flooded with dozens of contracts including that of MCDs and Govt of Gujarat which appears to have become a new stream of revenue earnings.

Statue of Unity, PM Modi’s ambitious project at Kewadia, is attracting huge influx of tourist vehicle everyday and Sardar Sarovar Project officials too are in talks with NHIDCL top officials for construction of a parking bay with a capacity of over 2000 vehicles.

It may be recalled that Gadkari had faced lots of criticisms about feasibility and spending of huge public money when his ministry came up with the idea of building a multi-level parking bay for Transport Bhawan. Sometimes later in a public gathering early this year, he recalled series of criticism on the issue. Then he underlined that his idea was to create an example which might pull demands from various states and agencies winning contracts for the ministry.

Recently, North and South MCD (Delhi) too finalised the MoU with his ministry for constructing over a dozen of such parking bays each costing approx. Rs 15 crore. And such proposals from across the country are in queue. 

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