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Falling out of favor or falling out of sync; a key minister may be shown doors?

By IndianMandarins- 18 Sep 2019


Sudden rise of a few leaders had once puzzled everyone in power corridors of New Delhi. But the bubble seems to have busted for yet another senior minister in the Modi 2.0. If some top sources are to be believed a minister holding kew portfolio may be divested from the responsibility in next reshuffle. If some top sources are to be believed the minister not only failed to deliver but unwarranted controversies cropped up which the present dispensation does not like at all. The dispensation reportedly believes that few of them could have avoided easily.


Grapevine is abuzz that the minister has fallen out of sync but the current dispensation does not want to remove the minister at a time when certain parameters are not in a good shape in the country.


Reportedly, the minister is on the path of exit at least from the particular ministry.

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