Where is Pandian at fault if he follows orders of his CM?

By IndianMandarins- 27 Sep 2023


New Delhi (27.09.2023): A serving bureaucrat donning the attire of a politician in Odisha has kicked off a debate if the governance should be system-centric or individual-centric. There has been something extraordinary about him that has made V K Pandian (IAS: 2000: OD) indispensable for the CM. Following the CM’s instruction, he started touring the state on official chopper from the second week of June. It is the political leadership which takes a call on such matters. The allegation of Pandian undermining the authority of the CM was rebuffed by the CM himself however the debate may go on. Odisha BJP has questioned Pandian’s authority but insiders in the bureaucracy say that what is wrong in it as the same grammar is being practiced at the Centre itself.

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