Coal CPSEs providing water to 18 lakh people of 981 villages of 9 states

By IndianMandarins- 27 Sep 2023


New Delhi (27.09.2023): Due to sustainable utilization of coal mine water resources by Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) under the Ministry of Coal,  an estimated 17.7 lakh people across 981 villages of nine states are benefited.  During the fiscal 2022-23, CPSEs discharged approximately 8130 Lakh m3 of mine water, with 46% allocated for community uses such as domestic and irrigation purposes, 49% for internal domestic and industrial needs, and 6% reserved for groundwater recharge initiatives. 
To ensure suitability of mine water for drinking and irrigation purposes, various treatment methods have been implemented. Several measures have been undertaken to provide access to safe and clean water for communities throughout the year. In the course of coal mining operations, a substantial volume of mine water accumulates in the mine sumps. These voids not only store seepage water from strata but also collect surface runoff water from the surrounding catchment areas, effectively functioning as extensive water harvesting and ground water recharge structures. This stored mine water serves a range of community purposes, including domestic and drinking water supply, irrigation of agricultural fields, groundwater replenishment, and various industrial applications like dust suppression and heavy machinery washing.

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