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Varun Gandhi Rebel or a rival?

By IndianMandarins- 06 Sep 2021


New Delhi (06.09.2021): Varun Gandhi’s tweet supporting farmers’ protest has put the ruling dispensation in a spot as the party MP wants the government to revisit its decision while the Centre is not ready to climb down from its stand. The opposition may call it a chasm in the BJP but the party appears to be firm on the issue. The UP CM responded in his own way where elections are forthcoming.

However, the question is what could have prompted Rahul to go against the stated party line. A Nehru-Gandhi scion and once the BJP general secretary with mother in the Union cabinet is nowhere in the reckoning at the moment. Even strategically this move will further decimate him as none of the top leaders want him to give extra space and joining Congress may, and may not, prove suicidal for him. So only Varun can tell what political dividend he will reap out of supporting a discredited movement of middlemen in the name of farmers led by a leader who lost successive Assembly elections forfeiting his deposits.

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