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Uttarakhand DGP: Ad hoc arrangement in place, regularisation likely

By IndianMandarins- 30 Nov 2023


Dehradun (30.11.22023): Setting aside speculation of the incumbent State DGP Ashok Kumar (IPS: 1989: UD) getting extension, the Government of Uttarakhand has named Abhinav Kumar (IPS: 1996: UD) as interim DGP. Ashok Kumar will hand over the baton to Abhinav Kumar on his superannuation today.
Currently, Abhinav Kumar, ADG is working as (Security & Intelligence) and also as special principal secretary to the Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. For last few months the state has been witnessing a catch twenty-two situation for want of eligibility criteria. None of the senior most IPS officers in the present lot has completed 30 years of service; the basic criteria to become HoPF i.e. State DGP. With the concurrence of the Centre, the UPSC relaxed the service tenure to 25 years paving way for available senior most officers to be considered for the requisite panel. 
Reportedly, the state government was ready with the panel of senior IPS officers, which includes Deepam Seth (IPS: 1995: UD), PVK Prasad (IPS: 1995: UD), Abhinav Kumar (IPS: 1996: UD), yet it could not be sent to the UPSC necessitating the need for ad hoc arrangement for Head of Police Force (HoPF). 
Sources say that Dhami administration has signalled that Abhinav Kumar is its foremost choice for state DGP ahead of 2024 Lok Sabha Polls.

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