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Uprightness of Bhajantri endorsed with Excellence in Governance Awards

By IndianMandarins- 19 Jan 2023


New Delhi (19.01.2023): To begin the year by getting recognized for the good work in the past could be a cherished moment for Manjunath Bhajantri (IAS: 2011: JH) who was given away the award with Indian Express ‘Excellence in Governance Awards’ in MSME category by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Actually Bhajantri’s spate with Godda Lok Sabha MP Nishikant Dubey caught eyeballs from across the country but he seems to have been vindicated. This is to recall that Dubey filed an FIR against Bhajantri in Delhi when a complaint was lodged against two BJP MPs and a few others by police for forcibly trying to enter Air Traffic Control tower at Deoghar airport to obtain take-off clearance for their chartered plane even though flight operations were not permitted after evening. The IAS officer too lodged complained about the incident to Jharkhand government’s Civil Aviation Department and sought a speedy inquiry. This followed allegation and counter-allegations.

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