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UP Govt gears up for new DGP: List of 42 eligible candidates sent to UPSC

By IndianMandarins- 07 Sep 2022


Lucknow (07.09.2022): The Uttar Pradesh government has intensified the process of selecting a full-time State DGP (HoF) for the state. At present, the post is being occupied by D S Chauhan (IPS: 1988: UP) as officiating DGP who took charge after the Yogi government removed Mukul Goel (IPS: 1987: UP) on May 11, 2022 for inefficiency and negligence.
The UP government has sent the names of every such officer to UPSC who has completed 30 years’ of service. The list of such 42 officers Included:
R P Singh (IPS: 1987: UP), G L Meena (IPS: 1987: UP), Dr Rajkumar Vishwakarma (IPS: 1988: UP), D S Chauhan (IPS: 1988: UP), Anil Agrawal (IPS: 1988: UP), Anand Kumar (IPS: 1988: UP), Vijay Kumar (IPS: 1988: UP), Safi Ehsan Rizvi (IPS: 1989: UP), Ashish Gupta (IPS: 1989: UP), Aditya Mishra (IPS: 1989: UP), Chandra Prakash I (IPS: 1989: UP), P V Ramashashtry (IPS: 1989: UP), Sandeep Salunke (IPS: 1990: UP), Daljit Singh Chaudhary (IPS: 1990: UP), Renuka Mishra (IPS: 1990: UP), Vijay K Maurya (IPS: 1990: UP), Satya Narayan Sabat (IPS: 1990: UP), Avinash Chandra (IPS: 1990: UP), Dr Sanjay M Tarde (IPS: 1990: UP). They all are DGs.
ADGs in the list included: M K Bashal (IPS: 1990: UP), Tanuja Srivastava (IPS: 1990: UP), Satish Kumar Mathur (IPS: 1990: UP), Anju Gupta (IPS: 1990: UP), Subhash Chandra (IPS: 1990: UP), Prashant Kumar (IPS: 1990: UP), Tillotama Verma (IPS: 1990: UP), Rajiv Ranjan Verma (IPS: 1990: UP), Alok Sharma (IPS: 1991: UP), Bhagirat P Jogdand (IPS: 1991: UP), Piyush Anand (IPS: 1991: UP), Brij Bhushan (IPS: 1991: UP), Rajiv Krishna (IPS: 1991: UP), Abhay Kumar Prasad (IPS: 1991: UP), Dawa Sherpa (IPS: 1991: UP), Premchandra Meena (IPS: 1991: UP), Dipesh Juneja (IPS: 1992: UP), Ashutosh Pandey (IPS: 1992: UP), Ajay Anand (IPS: 1992: UP), Jasbir Singh (IPS: 1992: UP), Anand Swaroop (IPS: 1992: UP) and Neera Rawat (IPS: 1992: UP).

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