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Sujata Saunik may succeed her husband as CS after 8 months

By IndianMandarins- 05 May 2023


Mumbai (05.05.2023): Manoj Saunik (IAS: 1987: MH) was appointed as chief secretary by the Maharashtra government last Friday replacing Manukumar Srivastava who retired on April 30. The tenure of Saunik is going to last for 8 months and it is most likely that his wife Sujata Saunik would succeed him who was superseded by her husband. 
Sujata, the additional chief secretary (administrative reforms), is senior to him according to the list drafted by the general administration department. Additional chief secretary (ACS) (revenue appeals) Ashwani Kumar was also in the zone of consideration. Sujata and Kumar too are from the 1987 batch. Sources informed that there was a close contest between Manoj and Sujata. However, Manoj emerged as a consensus choice. A view was taken that if Manoj is appointed CS, Sujata will get an opportunity to lead the bureaucracy after Manoj retires in December 2023. Sujata has services up to June 2025.

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