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Senior Administrative Grade: Ratnes K Jha and 16 others empanelled for promotion

By IndianMandarins- 14 Jan 2020


Ratnesh Kumar Jha (IRTS) and sixteen IRTS officers, belonging to 1999 and 2000 Exam batch, were on Tuesday empanelled for promotion to Senior Administrative Grade. They are;

  1. Ratnesh Kumar Jha
  2. Zafar Azam
  3. Praveen Gaur Dwivedi
  4. Mudit Chandra
  5. Gaurav Krishnan Bansal
  6. D Satyanarayana
  7. Syed Abdul Rahman
  8. Mrs Shelly Srivastava
  9. B Ravichander
  10. Shishir Somvanshi
  11. Manoj Kumar
  12. Sumant V Deulkar
  13. Kamlesh Kumar Hematgiri
  14. Rakesh Kumar Rousan
  15. Alok Kumar Singh
  16. Chhote Lal Shah
  17. Nirbhay Narayan Singh 

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