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Secretary-level empanelment may cause reshuffle in UP

By IndianMandarins- 08 Oct 2021


New Delhi (08.10.2021): It is likely that a reshuffle will take place soon in UP bureaucracy after the empanelment of chief secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari (IAS: 1985: UP) and two more officers of the Uttar Pradesh cadre for holding secretary-level posts at the Centre.
Besides Tiwari, the names of Juthika Patankar (IAS: 1988: UP) and Manoj Kumar Singh (IAS: 1988: UP) are on the list of 12 IAS officers that ACC has approved for their empanelment for secretary-level posts at the Centre.
Tiwari is part of chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s team but the empanelment list has led to the buzz about his likely appointment at the secretary level with the central government. Tiwari has a tenure of service till early 2023. Any change may provide an opportunity for some officers of the 1986 and 1987 batches working in Uttar Pradesh.
But much will depend on the Centre’s decision about the likely appointment of Tiwari in the coming weeks. The empanelment of an officer for any post at the Centre is followed by the process of his/her consent being sent to the Centre before being given an appointment for posting there. The state government also takes a call about relieving the officers once they get a posting at the Centre.

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