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PM explained Corona virus way back in cabinet meet!

By IndianMandarins- 07 Mar 2020


Though this is a very rare breed in the present Narendra Modi dispensation but one such not so-called ‘bhakt’ minister in the Union cabinet has been of all praise for PM Narendra Modi when he said that the PM explained way back about Corona in the cabinet meeting. It was the time when its epidemic nature was not even imagined and its virus reaching India was sort of out of question.

Even his detractors accept that his political insight is way beyond someone’s imagination but having detail about Covid 19 virus is something that raises curiosity about PM’s foresightedness. The government has brought Indian citizens from all dangerous locations and taking the utmost precaution and care. The government is trying every bit so that it does not spread. Is the non-Bhakt minister is on way of becoming his bhakt.

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