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PESB recommendation for Director, RM & Logistics, hangs in balance

By IndianMandarins- 17 Sep 2020


PESB's recommendation for the post of SAIL Director (Raw Materials & Logistics) is reportedly hanging in balance. On 20 February 2020, it had reportedly selected and recommended Amarendu Prakash (GM, SAIL) for the post that was due to fall vacant on 31 July 2020 and it did fall vacant on that date.

Generally, the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) endorses PESB recommendations well before vacancies arise to ensure continuity of management in CPSEs 

It is well over one and a half months since Vivek Gupta (Director- RM& Logistics) retired (on 31.07.2020), but the ACC is yet to ratify the appointment of Amarendu Prakash (GM, SAIL) to the post.

The reason cited for this delay is said to be the Ministry of Steel's efforts to formalizing the proposed restructuring of SAIL. Reportedly, the Ministry is considering the creation of four posts of MD by surrendering two Board level posts that include Director (Raw Materials & Logistics) and Director (Personnel). 

Further, it would be interesting to see how a Maharatna company having approx 70,000 employees strength will function without a full-time Director (Project) and Director (Raw Materials & Logistics).

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