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MP: Tug of war over bureaucrats' postings grabs attension

By IndianMandarins- 06 Dec 2022


Bhopal (06.11.2022): It is being speculated that there is a likely leadership change in Madhya Pradesh post-2023 Assembly elections but the tug of war between various leaders in the state has already started. A Union Minister is miffed with the decision of posting two IAS officers to a division and requested higher-ups to remove them. Another Union Minister played a key role in the posting of one of these two officers to the division. The Union Minister is livid at the decision of posting of one of the officers who is considered to be the CM’s pick and wants there an officer of his choice. The Minister and the state government jousted over these two officers for several days and the situation had come to such a pass that the issue reached the door of a senior BJP leader. The leader plumped for a middle path and recommended to the Chief Minister to transfer one of the two officers.

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