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Kisan panchayats grand success sends out ominous signal to BJP

By IndianMandarins- 08 Sep 2021


New Delhi (08.09.2021): If the mood of the huge gathering at Kishan Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar is any indication, the state ruling party, BJP, whose reputation as a party caring for the plight of the citizens is already damaged by the high-handed behavior of the state administration, could cut a sorry figure in the scheduled 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections.
Reports indicate that farmers of the western UP in particular have been seething with anger over the rejection of their simple demand for legalizing the support price mechanism for foodgrains. Adding to their anger, the state administration has increased the electricity cost. Although MSP for sugarcane is raised, it is seen by farmers as not adequate and below their expectations.
At the same time, the dues of sugarcane farmers from the previous harvest season have not yet been totally cleared.
To fish in troubled waters, Islamists are seen to have joined the farmers' bandwagon as their covert objective of securing population superiority is threatened by the state administration's agenda to legislate a population control act.
Given the situation that has emerged from Kisan Mahapanchayat's grand success, BJP is seen to have very limited options. To compensate for the possible losses in western UP, it may have to work really hard to consolidate its support bases in eastern UP, the Awadh region, and the Braj area.  

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