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Kejriwal's national ambition leaves top hospitals in limbo

By IndianMandarins- 21 Mar 2024


New Delhi (21.03.2024): Chief Minister Arwind Kejriwal is handling the seat sharing agreements with I.N.D.I.A. partners and this has put the day to day administration on the backseat. The most critical scenario is being faced by the Delhi government hospitals. At leat seventeen files pertaining to appointment of Director and Principals of hospitals and medical colleges are pending. Sources said that the top bureaucrats are reminding the CM time and again that hospital administration is suffering in the absence of regular Heads to take crucial decisions. The hospitals are hallmark of good governance in the Capital. The summer months are known for the outbreak of deadly viral fevers like Dengue and Chickenguniya. The hospitals need urgent attention from full time HODs talking round the clock affirmative actions. Probably CM Kejriwal has fully  devoted himself to expansion of AAP Party and emerge as mover and shaker of political structure. But the Delhi government hospitals are facing appalling situation.

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