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IPS officer writes to “Sarkar” seeking “Car” at par; flags a discriminatory regime

By IndianMandarins- 19 Apr 2024


Chandigarh (19.04.2024): Right in the middle of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the Haryana Government is facing a unique charge of a discriminatory regime and red-tapism. Y Puran Kumar (IPS: 2001: HY), an IG rank officer, has written a complaint to the Chief Secretary TVSN Prasad (IAS: 1988: HY) for having allotted a car not at par with his designation and the corresponding rules & provisions. He has claimed that contrary to his equivalent officers allotted with a new Innova, he has been allotted a seven-year-old Honda City car which is in a delipidated condition.
In a uniformed service driven by SOPs and protocol which are meticulously designed for effective field operations “Car” at par with one’s designation is considered a key component. Having a set of rules and provisions to provide cars & vehicles as per the rank and responsibility, the officer has labelled charges of a discriminatory regime in the department.
The officer pointed out that in less than two weeks after returning his official car to the state police department he approached the “Sarkar” i.e. the state government alleging “discriminatory and selective” allotment of official vehicles to the IPS officers in the state.
In his letter to CS, he has urged to consider enquiring into the allotment of staff cars and operational vehicles to the IPS officers in the state.

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