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High and mighty countries proved to be a damp squib by Chinese: Failure of diplomacy & intelligence ?

By IndianMandarins- 28 Mar 2020


Even if the role of China in spreading Coranvirus is ruled out, suppressing information about its spread for its business interest is definitely what China did for sure. But what happened to agencies of various powerful economies, countries and governments from across the globe that have failed to sniff the possible danger from this potent threat. What diplomacy and intelligence are for?

Actually the Neo Imperialism of the Chinese government is being closely observed but with apparent helplessness whether its presence in Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka that is with China on 99 years lease; its presence in Malacca Straight, Gwader Port in Pakistan or its presence and control over oil in entire African continent and business interest in certain areas of Europ, so when some scientific journal published about some possible virus threat in mid-November, the news was suppressed as due to preparations for Chrismas and new year celebrations, all Chinese export will be impacted. Similarly in January when the case of COVID-19 found, it was again played down under the duress of China so much so that three WSJ journalists were deported later on for misreporting.

But the biggest let down has been from the so-called mightiest and omnipresent spy-network countries that are even accused of getting the head of states killed for their interests, governments changed and even the government of their choice installed as they were caught napping in all these hours of the biggest pandemic of modern time. China on expected lines prevailed upon WTO, UNSC, European countries and even the US for protecting its business interest. A new world order seems to be emerging which is China-centric with China controlling opinion makes across the world. But the so-called big and mighty nations of the world proved to be damp squib.

(By Rakesh Ranjan)

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