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Gita Acharan 168: Shedding Sense of Entitlements

By K Siva Prasad- 21 May 2023


21.05.2023: Arjun says, "Out of compassion (anugraha) , you have revealed to me the secret wisdom (adhyatma) and my delusion is dispelled (11.1). You have explained to me in detail about the origin and the dissolution of beings, as well as about your imperishable greatness (11.2). You have told me about your supreme glory and I wish to see your supreme form (11.3). If you think that I am capable of seeing your supreme form, then show me" (11.4).
The general belief is that HIS blessings are a must to overcome delusions and attain adhyatma . This is used as an excuse to avoid the difficult task of internal transformation. If one is told to perform karma (action) without expecting karma-phal (fruits of action) one argues that it is not possible without HIS blessings. The same happens when one is told to transcend polarities; transcend gunas; drop the differences or labelling to see HIM around us in every living and non-living entity. 
On the other hand, whoever attained adhyatma said that it happened because of HIS anugraha as what they got was beyond their imagination. This looks paradoxical. Basically, HIS blessings are available to everyone like rain and we should certainly make an effort to keep the bowl upright to hold water. 
Krishna says, "I am equally disposed to all living beings. To Me none is Dweshya (hateful), none is Priya (dear). But those who worship me with devotion are in Me and I am also in them" (9.29). 
The difference is the devotion which is like keeping our bowl upright. In the contemporary context, ahankaar is referred to as entitlement. Devotion is nothing but shedding entitlements by realising that it's all HIS grace and at the same time performing karmas assigned to us in the present moment by this mighty existence without attachment or detachment.

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