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Gita Acharan 164: Freedom is Pure

By K Siva Prasad- 23 Apr 2023


23.04.2023: Krishna says, "Amongst purifiers, I am the wind, and amongst wielders of weapons, I am Rama. Of water creatures, I am the crocodile, and of flowing rivers, I am the Jahnavi (Ganges)" (10.31). 
Firstly, wind helps to clear impurities from our bodies. Blood keeps turning impure due to chemical processes and wind helps purify it through the lungs. Without this purification, life can't sustain even for a couple of minutes. Secondly, wind is the most flexible and mobile. This mobility helps to purify the environment through circulation. Thirdly, wind stands for freedom. Freedom from desires and sorrows which is the ultimate freedom ( moksha ) stands for purity.
Finally, wind stands for non-attachment. It carries unpleasant odours without aversion and pleasant scents without any attachment. It drops both of them with ease in due course of time. This is nothing but anaasakti , beyond aasakti (attachment) and virakti (detachment). While kartaapan (our sense of doership) makes any karma a sin, impurity is getting attached to pleasant memories, things, people etc. and hating unpleasant ones.
These characteristics of wind help us understand another intricate concept of 'prescribed action' ( niyat karma ) which is performing the karma in hand (carrying smell) without attachment. 
 Krishna says HE is Rama among warriors wielding weapons. LORD Rama is considered soft but stood for values and righteousness. While the villain Ravana represents power without character, Rama is a combination of character and power. Krishna says that this combination is possible as in the case of Rama and he represents that. Power always requires anchoring in character and this is applicable even in today's scenario. 
Krishna says he is Ganga among rivers. Certainly not for its size,  but the river Ganga represents civilization for centuries where everyone is connected to it in one way or another.

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