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FR 56J and sacked officials: Nandan and Jindal in a Committee to examine representations

By IndianMandarins- 06 Aug 2020


To examine the representation of officials sacked for alleged inefficiency or corruption from the government service, Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan (IAS:1987:UP) will be part of a committee. The three-member panel has been reconstituted by the ministry.

Besides Nandan, Ashutosh Jindal (IAS:1995:TR), Joint Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, will be the other member of the committee. One member nominated by the cadre controlling authority (under whose administrative control the alleged corrupt officials come) will also be part of the panel.

The committee examines the representation of employees who are sacked under Fundamental Rule (FR) 56 (J), (I) and Rule 48 of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 1972.

Both the provisions allow the government to examine the cases of government employees who can be sacked in the public interest for being allegedly corrupt or inefficient.

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