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Exit Polls predict BJP in Gujarat and Himachal; AAP in MCD

By IndianMandarins- 06 Dec 2022


New Delhi (06.12.2022): Though Exit Polls have the tendency to go wrong in some cases they reached quite close to the results in the past. Yet again, the ritual of Exit Polls before every election is conducted this year too with every exit pollster predicting a repeat for the BJP in Gujarat. But the voting pattern in rural Gujarat is keeping the BJP worried which actually forced PM Narendra Modi to camp in Gujarat. 
It has also predicted the same in Himachal Pradesh but there is a neck-and-neck fight. However, if the results turned out to be similar to Exit Polls, it would certainly be the case of Congress missing a penalty kick. There is a clean sweep for AAP in MCD elections with the BJP not crossing the 100 mark. It indicates that Arvind Kejriwal still rules in the hearts of the Delhi people. The BJP is likely to cross its highest-ever tally in Gujarat as per most of the predictions. Counting for the MCD elections will take place on December 7 while for Gujarat and HP polls, the date of counting is December 8.

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