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Blame-game casts a shadow on 360: Senior tax official rubs shoulder with Chief

By IndianMandarins- 09 Oct 2019


Good or bad but sometime timing says it all. But this time round people in the power corridors term it a blame-game which has put country’s tax administration in an extremely awkward situation.

In an unprecedented complaint Ms Alka Tyagi (IRS IT:1984), former chief of CCIT (Mumbai Unit-02) leveled serious allegations against her chief PC Mody (IRS IT:1982), the incumbent CBDT Chairman who was re-appointed immediately after his retirement. In her complaint sent to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on June 21, she said that Mody gave her a “shocking” directive to bury a “sensitive case” claiming that he had “secured” his position at the top because of a “successful search” action against an Opposition leader. Reportedly, she had sent similar complaint to the PMO and CVC.

Several theories are still doing round. A few senior tax officials are of the view that irrespective of 360 method of feedback, almost every insider is well aware of the realities of several seniors and hence Ms Tyagi’s complaints has nothing more to offer/reveal except to suspect the intent. It is understood that it may be part of the blame-game hatched by senior cadre officers tarnishing the image of PC Mody.

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