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Appointments of PS & OSDs to Union ministers: Will the history repeat itself?

By IndianMandarins- 03 Jun 2019


Modi Govt 1.0 had drawn a fine line in 2014 so that civil servants after once serving as PS & OSD to ministers could not be given the same role again. It was interpreted then as a Machiavellian move to restrict the officers from being the crucial part of UPA in case of its return to power though this obviously did not happen. And secondly the step was thought to be meant to ensure that ministers refrained from choosing officers on their own.


Yet, the same question has propped up again albeit in a different manner. Everyone is looking for appointment orders of PS and OSDs to Ministers which could throw some light regarding what is supposed to be done after the return of NDA again to the helm.


To ensure continuity in administration and efficient functioning of ministries several ministers have been drafted into the same ministry (Pradhan - Petroleum, Gadkari - MoRTH, Goyal - Railways & Corporate, Ravi Shankar- Law & Justice). But suspense still remains whether ministers will be given the same set of PS & OSDs, or the new personal and preferred staff is to be selected afresh.


Though most of the ministers have taken charge of the office but it may take them few more days or may be a week or so to get personnel for their own offices. Only the next few appointment orders of PS & OSDs may lift the mystery that hangs over in the corridors of power amid the debate over continuity versus disruption. 

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